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  • Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers with many years of training and experience will guide you safely
  • Relaxes your body and quiets your mind
  • Appropriate and safe for all ages and body types
  • The world’s only progressive, systematic yoga program for beginners and beyond

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Get unlimited access! Certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers (CiYTs) will guide you with a clear, concise, safe method honed by yoga master BKS Iyengar during his 80 years of practice and teaching. Where other yoga teacher training is measured in hours, CIYT training is measured in years. Our experts will guide you to create strength, flexibility, and confidence in your personal practice and quiet your busy, overactive mind. Our programs are designed so that you advance skillfully and safely. Our expert sequencing and use of props provide continuous progress for every age, body type, condition, health status and special need. We hope you will join us and allow us to guide you on your journey. 


If you are new to yoga or to the Iyengar method, please take the beginner course. 


For those who have achieved proficiency in the beginner course.


For practitioners who have completed the intermediate course.


Our Students Love Us

“I have had PTSD for decades. When I started the beginner course, I was depressed, anxious and unable to sleep. The classes, especially the restoratives, quieted my mind and relaxed my body at a deep level, enabling me to sleep. My depression and anxiety melted away. It’s like a miracle.”

Mary C, USA

“I started the beginner course at age 68 after decades of being sedentary. I have been practising for 5 years and I’m stronger, more flexible, happier and healthier than I was as a college athlete. Thank you,!”

Robert Z, Australia

“I am a body builder, strong but hard and inflexible as a rock. Before, I couldn’t tie my own shoes. With regular practice, I’m able to touch the floor behind my heels and much more. I have applied the knowledge I gained at to my lifting and I no longer become injured in the gym.”

Pablo M, Spain

“I am 175 cm tall and weighed 132 kg when I began. I learned how to modify the poses for my body type and I began to move freely. My aches and pains went away and the good feelings encouraged me to change my diet and walk. I now weigh 68 kg and am a new person, thanks to

Antonia P, South Africa

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